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Food with a Purpose


At Sushiōki® we believe that if there is one way to make sushi more fun…it is bigger sushi! Our rolls are double (more than double) the size over your standard sushi roll. Bigger rolls make room for bigger fillings and bigger flavors. Sushiōki® rolls can even be hand-held for sushi on the go!


Life is too short for wait times and slow service. But our overloaded schedules shouldn’t make us sacrifice our great love for sushi! At Sushiōki® we serve FOOD fast, not fast food! You won’t find our sushi to be pre-rolled, pre-packaged, or pre-anything! You’ll only find our sushi to be…


At Sushiōki®, our sushi is hand-rolled upon order using only the freshest, hand-cut ingredients. Our rolls are assembled in front of you, so that you can be assured a fresh experience every time.

With Purpose.

Sure, we offer fun, fast, and fresh sushi. But we can do more! Sushiōki® partners with organizations, such as World Relief, to hire area refugees in need of an employer who offers all of its employees dignity, respect, and livable wages.


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4900 NC Highway 55, Suite 510,
Durham, NC 27713
For additional information or to contact us, you can give us a call at 919.405.7121 or email us at
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Large Assortment #1 (serves 25-30)


60% of rolls are raw
5 Reel Alaskan (raw)
5 RDYoo (raw)
4 Bull City Bulgogi
4 Titan Tempur
1 Oh My Gahshi
1 California Dreamin'
4 Spicy Tuna (raw)

Large Assortment #2 (serves 25-30)


60% of rolls are cooked
4 Bull City Bulgogi
4 Titan Tempur
2 Oh My Gahshi
2 California Dreamin'
1 Southern Sushi
1 Veggie Bender
4 Reel Alaskan (raw)
3 RDYoo (raw)
3 Spicy Tuna (raw)

Small Assortment #1 (serves 10-12)


60% of rolls are raw
2 RDYoo (raw)
2 Reel Alaskan (raw)
2 Spicy Tuna (raw)
2 Bull City Bulgogi
1 Titan Tempur
1 Oh My Gahshi or California Dreamin'

Small Assortment #2 (serves 10-12)


60% of rolls are cooked
2 Bull City Bulgogi
2 Titan Tempur
1 Oh My Gahshi
1 California Dreamin'
2 Reel Alaskan (raw)
1 RDYoo (raw)
1 Spicy Tuna (raw)

Small Rice Chip Assortment (10 bags)


4 Cinnamon Sugar
2 Wasabi
2 Original
2 Barbecue

Large Rice Chip Assortment (20 bags)


8 Cinnamon Sugar
4 Wasabi
4 Original
4 Barbecue


All Build-A-Bowl Catering orders will come with these ingredients based on your number of servings: (minimum order of 10 servings)

Pickled Red Onion
Pickled Daikon
Regular Cucumber
Shredded Carrots
8oz. Pickled Ginger
8oz. Sauce (per 10 servings of protein)

Choose your protein(s): (minimum of 5 servings per protein)

Bulgogi: $13/serving
Korean Chicken: $12/serving
Crab: $11/serving
Salmon (raw): $14/serving
Tuna (raw): $13/serving
Teriyaki Tofu (vegan option): $11/serving


Masago (serves 8-10): $7
Tempura Flakes (serves 8-10): $7
Pickled Ginger (8oz.): $7
Avocado (serves 10): $25
Kimchi Slaw (serves 10): $20
Asian Cucumber Salad (serves 10): $20
Sauce (8oz.): $4
- Boom Sauce
- Sweet Thai Chili Sauce
- Eel Sauce
- G-Sauce
- Spicy Sauce
- Gochujang Sauce
- Cucumber Wasabi Sauce

All catering orders will include these items:

Servings utensils, eating utensils
Soy Sauce & Wasabi

Catering orders include: napkins, soy sauce and wasabi

Additional menu items may be added at menu price.

Please allow at least 24 hours notice for orders over $250.

FREE delivery on orders over $200

$15 delivery fee for orders under $200

To order catering call us at 919.405.7121, or email